Parenting can be challenging at the best of times, and from my own personal experience I know just how hard parenting additional needs can be.

  • Do you feel disillusioned?

  • Are you sometimes overwhelmed by resentment?

  • Do you experience feelings of loss?

  • Do you have feelings of guilt because of the above?

Let me remind you that YOU ARE NOT A BAD PARENT!

Our own emotional wellbeing play a large role in our perception and in our parenting. 

The PDA Sanctuary is a safe space, designed to help you address your emotional balance using a range of therapeutic techniques so that you can feel:
  • Happier;

  • Calmer;

  • More accepting;

  • Confident in the decisions you make for your family.

Be confident in the knowledge that you CAN do this parenting thing!



 As a parent it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  When parenting a child or young person with PDA this quickly leads to exhaustion.  Before you know it you don’t know where you are and feel like you just can’t cope. 

I’ve been there. 

We’ve all been there!

As a solutions based therapist my journey led me to explore ways I could implement my professional skills in order to show up for my family as my best self.  I learnt that by emptying my emotional bucket I could create more ‘emotional space’ which has in turn given me more coping strategies.  This journey is what led me to create the PDA Parent Sanctuary. 

Here, I will take you on your own journey where you will explore your emotional wellbeing so that you can feel happier, calmer, more positive, increase your confidence, build your self esteem, and discover more compassion and acceptance for yourself.  

You will develop tools that you will carry onwards through your life.  You will learn how to begin to empty your emotional baggage.  You will discover how to recognise triggers in your PDAer’s behaviour and how you might be able to remain more emotionally balanced in these moments. 
I know from personal experience that when you are parenting a child with different needs our situation doesn’t change, however by addressing our emotional well being the way we view the situation can shift. The every day challenges will remain, but you will have a
‘bag of tips and techniques’ to provide you with PRACTICAL techniques to support your own wellbeing.
As you care for your own emotional wellbeing you will see the ripple effect bringing calm within your family and home.

What You Will Receive

Each month we will address a therapeutic theme that will support your emotional health.  These will build as we progress to provide you with the tools to look after your own emotional well being.  This will include: 
  • Two short training videos each week to explore your emotional wellbeing around the theme.

  • Printable worksheets where appropriate, so that you can work through the topic and record your progress.

  • PRACTICAL techniques that you can easily and freely implement into your daily life to support your wellbeing.

  • Time to process and implement what we have learnt each month to give you the opportunity to put your new tools into action and feel the results.

  • A video call once a month for you to check in and receive the personalised support that you need.

  • A small safe space with a community of like-minded parents to support you on your journey. 

  • A guest expert each month that will either cover supporting your wellbeing, a specific topic around PDA, or seasonal issues e.g. Christmas.

Begin Your Journey

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£ 30
  • Two Training Videos Each Week
  • Printable Worksheets
  • Monthly Video Call To Receive Personalised Support
  • Guest Expert Every Month

Hello! If we’ve not met before then let me introduce myself. I’m Nicola Reekie, a PDA parent and qualified therapeutical practitioner.  Together we will work to help you achieve the emotional balance and wellbeing you require to be in the best possible place to parent your PDAer.


I am qualified in the following therapies.

Neuro Linguistic Coaching
Theta Healing
Kinetic Shift

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